Break ups can be damaging and soul crushing. Getting your ex to understand what they have done to you can feel like a hopeless situation. Using break up spells is a quick and effective way to let them feel the burn of scorn without having to wait for karma.

The reasons for wanting to cast break up spells can be many. Tired of seeing your crush parade around with the girl that treats him poorly? Want to exact revenge on an ex who destroyed your life? While most hate and suffering curses and evil eye hexes are best left to the professionals, because if they are performed incorrectly, the results can be devastating to you instead of the intended, there are break up spells that can get the ball rolling on making individuals who have hurt you feel the pain of loss.

Break up spells are generally a little more difficult than your standard basic spell. While the ingredients aren’t necessarily difficult to find, harnessing your hate and focusing your wrath properly can prove difficult for some novice witches. It’s suggested that before you try these break up spells, you master a few simple good luck charms and protection spells first. Training yourself to be in control of your emotions, and not the other way around.

Another very important message to keep in mind is that, with these break up spells, you are performing black magic. It is absolutely necessary that you cast your circle properly and take extreme caution in protecting yourself. If the curse backlashes, it will hurt. If it is fully reflected back onto the caster, it may require the help of a professional to remove. Please be careful!

Painful Break Up Spells

●        Lemon

●        Knife or dagger

●        Vinegar

●        Pepper

●        Black pen

●        Paper



●        Hair from a black cat

●        Hair from a black dog

●        Black candle

●        Rusty nail

●        Couples garden or potted plant

Cast your circle or prepare your altar. Place a protection spell on yourself and your work space. Amass all of your ingredients in front of you, and light the black candle. Take the piece of paper and pen and write the names of the couple on the paper as you say them aloud. When you say the names, manifest discord and disharmony in their relationship. Use the dagger to cut the paper in half, separating the names from one another. Say, or imagine, the “(two names) are now separating. No longer one”. Smear a small amount of vinegar on each name, souring the relationship. Sprinkle pepper on each to heat up emotions. Add the black cat hair to one, and the black dog hair to the other. Squish the pieces of paper together, with the names and ingredients pressed against each other. Say, or imagine, “(two names) will fight like cats and dogs”. Set the infused paper in front of the black candle. Using the knife or dagger, cut the lemon in half. Place the paper in between the halves of lemon. Seal the new destiny and lemon, together with black wax, envisioning all of the things you’ve just asked for coming to pass. Drive the rusty nail diagonally through the lemon, further sealing the break up pact. Bury the lemon in the garden, yard, or potted plant of the couple’s home. Break up spells that use this magic cause discord and hate between the two parties. Causing them to break up.

Painful Break Up Spells

●        Paper

●        Black ink pen

●        Knife or dagger

●        Nine rusty nails

●        Nine black topped pins

●        Nine needles


●        Large bottle with stopper

●        Black candle

●        Vinegar

●        Hair from each person in the couple

●        Optional: Hair from a black dog and black cat

Cast your circle or prepare your altar. Amass all of your ingredients. Light your candle and prepare yourself for magic. Using the dagger, cut the paper in two. One one half, write the name of one person of the couple nine times. Fold the paper nine times and wind the hair of the corresponding person around it. As you do, invision this person clearly in your mind. Repeat with the other piece of paper for the other person. Place each piece of hair bound paper in the bottle. Place each of the nails, pins, and needles into the bottle with the paper one by one. As you place each object, repeat or invision your desires for discord in the relationship. You may choose to place in the hairs of a black cat and dog to cause the couple to viciously fight during the breakup. Fill the bottle with the vinegar to sour the relationship. Place the stopper into the bottle and seal it, and your desires, with black wax from the candle. Allow energy and hate to flow into the bottle and wax. Inhale deeply and ask for the couple to break up. Exhale slowly and blow out the candle. Release your circle and place the bottle under the doorstep to the couples home, or somewhere where they will have to step over it, activating the curse.

Kind Break Up Spells

Kind, or benevolent, break up spells are used when the witch wishes no harm to come to either individual. These spells can sometimes take longer to manifest, but they are still very useful.

  • Photo of each person in the couple
  • Lemon verbena leaves
  • Cheese cloth
  • Drawstring bag
  • Two white taper candles with holders

Cast your circle or prepare your altar. Amass your ingredients and place the candles side by side. Prepare yourself for magic and light the two candles. As you light the candles, imagine each candle representing one person of the couple. Move the candles slightly apart. Place the lemon verbena leaves between the two photos of the couple facing each other, making a sandwich. Move the tapers father apart. Envision no ill will towards either person, but see their relationship begin to sour. Move the tapers farther apart still. Be careful not to spill any wax, as this will represent feelings of loss and desire to remain together. Bind the photos together using the cloth. As you bind them, envision the couple separating do to a loveless relationship. Bind the lovelessness into the relationship. Move the candles farther apart. Place the bound and soured photos into a drawstring bag. Blow out each candle individually and ask that each person extinguish their flame for one another. Release your circle. Bury the drawstring bag under the doorstep of the couple so they will both cross over it and activate the spell. Break up spells that work in this way serve to separate an individual’s love from another. It also sours an existing relationship softly.

Kind Break Up Spells

  • Black candle
  • Paper
  • Black ink pen
  • Garlic oil
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Salt

Cast your circle or prepare your alter. Amass your ingredients and light the black candle. Stare into the flames and focus on the relationship dissolving without harm or malice. Write the names of the couple on the piece of paper, imbuing no harm as you do so. Add three drops of garlic oil on top of each name. Add three pinches of Cayenne pepper to each and three pinches of salt. Take the black candle in your right hand. Focus your heart and mind on requesting a break up between the two individuals. Slowly drip the wax onto the paper as you invision an amicable separation between the two people. Once the names and herb mixture are completely covered in wax, blow out the candle. As you blow out the candle, hold your desires in your mind and ask for the spirits help in making your will done. Release your circle. Take the piece of paper and burn it and scatter the ashes in the wind, bury it in the earth or release it into a body of naturally flowing water. On the night of the next full moon, again light the black candle, focusing your intent, and allow itself to burn out. Your spell is now complete. Break up spells that work in this way ask the divine spirits to aid in dissolving a relationship without harm or pain coming to either party.

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