More and more young women are turning to look for work as Prague escorts while they attend university abroad. While it seems like an easy business to get in to, getting out of it can prove to be much harder than earning that degree.

A recent survey has just been carried out by the Bliss without Riskgroup, that provides support and health services to Prague’s many sex workers. This study found that about one fourth of all female Czech university students work as Prague escorts or in a similar trade. This number is also growing at an alarming rate. The survey suggests that women who attend Czech Universities from abroad, and come from poorer families are choosing sex work as a means to compete with affluence in their peer groups. Initially, being one of the many Prague escorts may seem like an easy job and a quick way to make decent money.


Bliss without Risk’s head, Hanna Malinova told Prague’s Daily Monitor that these women are searching for a way to financially fit in with the other women they attend school with “…[they want to] have money for parties, drinks and entertainment and the common temporary jobs are mostly paid badly.” Sex work seems like a viable option. Life as a student isn’t easy for anyone and trying to keep up with the appearances and expectations of other students can be incredibly damaging to some women, leading them to search for work that provides high income with low expectations and specialization. Sex work seems to be the easy answer for many of these young girls. While the pay can be exceptional, the workload gives some women an unrealistic view of the future, leading to them using sex as a tool for educational advancement, or quitting their studies altogether. The world of Prague escorts can be exceptionally glamourous to begin with. Fancy dinners, lovely gifts, and good money. But the longer women are with any agency, they tend to become forgotten as clients prefer fresh faces and better attitudes.


Working as Prague escorts can lead some women to believe that the money they are creating is a lifelong career. Instead of using sex work as an advancement, they begin to get comfortable with the lack of effort it takes and amount of money they get in return. However, the longer women are in the sex trade, the more dangerous their positions and associated behavior become. Sex work is legal in the Czech Republic, but it is poorly regulated. 70-80% of all clientele for sex workers are foreign to Prague. Some research suggests that this inherent anonymity is one of the main motivating factors of the violence that is ever present in the sex trade. A violence that is often discounted by most women who are looking to work as Prague escorts for extra cash. Bliss without Risk reports that only 10% of all women in the sex trade have never suffered any violence or abuse. That definitively shows that any woman looking to make money in this way should, at minimum, be prepared to be the victim of violence or abuse, which few are actually ready for or cognizant of.


Physical violence isn’t the only abuse that Prague escorts can expect. Agencies, brothel owners, and other third party participants in the sex trade take advantage of women economically. They withhold pay or fine them in such a way that there is always a debt to be paid, making it next to impossible to leave the trade. These financial crunches also make it difficult for the women to balance their studies, work, and personal lives, leading most women to eventually cease their collegiate pursuits. Once these women leave their universities by the wayside, they no longer interact with that specific peer group, instead, socializing with other sex workers, further normalizing their job choices and making it difficult for them to seek out other career paths or skill sets. Once this has gone on for so long, the likelihood that a woman is capable of supporting themselves in other ways decreases. Few women save for a future without sex work. Many women coerce or lie to potential partners and find themselves in abusive marriages thanks the lies they told in the beginning.


So while the rewards may seem too good to be true, chances are that’s exactly how it is. While the lifestyle may be enjoyable in the beginning, it’s rare that being involved in sex work remains a temporary position. The line between professionalism and everyday life become blurred, causing many women to alienate themselves from the lifestyles they so desperately sought out in the first place. Prague escorts may offer quick money, but for many women, it is in no way easymoney.

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