Whether you can use a boost in the bedroom or have nothing to complain about: trying something new cannot hurt if you are with a man you trust and with whom you feel at ease. And normally we would never promote that you should play games with your partner, but in the following 7 cases we say: give it a shot.

1 ‘X marks to spot’

Take a body part in mind and let him kiss you until he kisses the right spot. Is he counting too fast? Then it is secretly okay if you had also come up with a spot B and bet on it.

2 Strip pong

Do you know it from Americablown-up drinking beer ‘beer-pong’, where plastic cups with beer stand on a (ping-pong) table and you have to throw a ping-pong ball in it? You can also do that with another drink and as soon as you hit, your opponent has to take off a piece of clothing. The person who wins (read: the person who is not the first to be naked) may ask the other person for a sexual favor. You can have the best options with the Sex Sport – Trojan Games now.

3 Choose a card

Take a game of cards and give each character a different meaning: hearts means kisses, diamonds for a massage, kicks for handicraftsand clubs for oral. Take a card in turn and perform the action that goes with it: the number on the card determines how long you perform the action. Have fun !

4 Not so fast

Lie naked on the bed and let your partner wait at the door. He can only get a step closer when he answers a question about you correctly and you ask those questions yourself. Keep it sexy (what is my favorite position?) Or personal (what am I really happy about?). By teasing he only wants more to you and as soon as he is at the bed you reap the benefits.

5 Do or do?

Play, dare or truth – without daring or truth.The only rule? It must be sexy. So for example: sext me every morning from your work or talk dirty to me for twenty minutes. Your imagination is your best friend here.

6 The mirror game

Take place naked in bed together and sit right opposite each other. Choose who is ‘the boss’ at that moment and let the person take the initiative with the other kiss, caress and what more. The other person has to mirror that: do exactly the same, in the same place and in the same way. You will learn even better what the other likes and enjoy yourself. Win-win, there are no losers in this game.


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